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Which is the most active stage of fermentation, primary or secondary?

Primary fermentation
Secondary fermentation Correct Answer

What is the function of an air lock?

It prevents all air from entering or leaving the vat
It is used to cap the wine bottle
It help mix the wine
It allows carbon dioxide to escape from the wine vat, but doesn't allow outside air in Correct Answer

What do yeast eat?

Sugar Correct Answer
Fruit Juice

What is the purpose of racking?

To remove the wine from the sediment Correct Answer
To age your wine
To mix the wine
To allow air to leave the wine

What are the two important by-products of fermentation?

Carbon dioxide and alcohol Correct Answer
Sugar and alcohol
Oxygen and carbon dioxide
Sugar and oxygen

What is the most important quality to look for in a secondary fermenter?

A secondary fermenter must be able to allow CO2 out, but keep air from coming in, usually by being plugged with an air lock. Correct Answer
A secondary fermenter must be made of glass
A secondary fermenter must not exceed one inch in diameter
A secondary fermenter must control the speed of the fermenting process

What is a fining agent?

A fining agent allow the yeast to consume the sugar
A fining agent is used to help clear a wine that won't clear on its own Correct Answer
A fining agent accelerates the rate of fermentation
A fining agent allows wine to be stored for a long period of time

Why can't baker's yeast be used to make wine?

Because baker's yeast will not ferment.
Because baker's yeast ferments to quickly, creating a sour wine.
Because baker bake. They don't make wine.
Although it will produce a potable wine, baker's yeast will not settle. It will make an odd-tasting, cloudy wine full of dead yeast. Correct Answer

Why is clean equipment important in wine-making?

Weight loss
Regular exercise
A 500 calorie per day diet Correct Answer
Glucose-lowering medications

Why is clean equipment important in wine-making?

The wine will taste dirty if the material is not clean
Unclean equipment is unsafe
The wine will not ferment if the equipment is not clean
Unwanted bacteria will compete with the wine-making yeast and have the potential to ruin the wine Correct Answer


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