Wedding Vows


Wedding Vows Overview

Wedding vows are the most important things two people in love can say to each other. You want the right words for your feelings, but it’s hard knowing exactly what to say on your day. This guide will let you in a few little secrets to get started and give you a variety of examples. Read on if you want to see which vows might be right for you and your occasion.

The three core types of vows are:

  • Traditional vows: Traditional vows promise your love to your future spouse in a standard way without mentioning God or the presence of a dominant religious figure. A simple example would be, “I, Phillip, promise to love and cherish you, Amelia, for as long as we both shall live.”
  • Non-traditional vows: Non-traditional vows are promises to each partner that are not religious and allow each of you to take a creative turn with your words. An example of a non-traditional vow would be, “You, Amelia, are the love of my life, and will always know exactly how to bring the light into the room in the darkness. I, Phillip, want you by my side forever, guiding me when I’m lost, and accompanying me on life’s journeys, evermore.”
  • Religious vows: Religious vows are traditional vows that refer to God or the presence of a religious figure while making your lifelong promise to your partner. A simple example of a religious vow would follow the form of, “I, Phillip, vow to love and respect you, Amelia, on this day under the eyes of God and our family, for as long as we both shall live.”

Think about your occasion, the audience, and the location when considering which type is right for you. Also, consider using some wedding poetry, or even some wedding humor, as long as it fits your situation. Whatever your situation, here are some common words that you can use in composing your vows:

Common Words to Use in Wedding Vows

Respect, Challenge, Laugh, Cry, Cherish, Nurture, Stand, Love, Learn, Comfort, Support, Uplift, Encourage, Join, Accept, Give, Offer, Strive, Work, Experience, Share, Embrace, Develop, Adore, Devote, Promise, Honor, Commit, Vow, Pledge, Endure

Partner, Friend, Lover, Soul Mate, Confidante, Family, Husband, Wife, Sister, Brother, Mother, Father, Teacher, Accomplice, True, Counterpart, Beloved, Best Friend, Growth, Freedom, Spirit, Reverence, Faith, Symbol, Beauty, Peace, Understanding, Joy, Eternity, Permanent, Trust, Integrity, Partnership, Forever

Kind, Enthusiastic, Thoughtful, Comforting, Energetic, Beautiful, Generous, Faithful, Exciting, Glorious, Friendly, Majestic, Down-to-earth, Awe-inspiring, Trustworthy, Dearest, Priceless, Loveliest, True, New, Unknown, Happy, Long, Eternal, Joyful, Enduring, Everlasting, Holy, Hopeful


Affectionately, Sincerely, Divinely, Totally, Only, Completely, Loyally

Read on to see several examples and more detailed explanations of the different types of vows.

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