Study Skills


A+ Starts With Attitude

Learn How You Learn

Stay Positive About Education

In studying, as in the rest of your life, a positive attitude will help you just as much as a negative attitude will hurt you. By improving your attitude, you may give yourself the jumpstart you need to get down to business with your studying. One way to create a better outlook on studying is to understand your preferred method of studying. To do a little self-analyzing, check out this evaluation that will help you identify your personal learning style:

Learning Style Survey

Knowing whether you are a visual, auditory, verbal or kinesthetic learner will help you understand what studying tactics are best for you. It will also help you understand why, quite possibly, reading a textbook alone in your room for five hours straight did not result in a stellar grade.

Deep Thoughts...


"A positive attitude is a person's passport to a better tomorrow"



Believe in It

To improve your attitude, you also need to remind yourself why learning is valuable. Would you rather be washing dishes or mowing lawns for the next 40 years of your life? Or would you prefer a secure job where you’re always doing new things, can take vacation time during holidays and get a 401(k)? Education and classroom training give you the background knowledge that is necessary to get a job you would like to do. Really examine the value of an education. Believing in what you are doing can go a long way to helping toward a positive attitude.

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