Solar Panels


Solar Panels Overview

Did you know that solar energy helps power space shuttle missions and provides energy to the Hubbell telescope? Turns out, through the use of solar panels, solar engergy can also provide power to your home. Installing solar panels on your home is a significant investment, often costing thousands of dollars. Much of this cost, however, is often offset by savings in monthly utility bills.

Solar panels are usually made up
of 1000's of photovoltaic cells that convert
sunlight to electricity.

Even if the economics of solar panels don't show signs of light, many people install them because of their environmental benefits. Solar panels emit no polution and lower the amount of oil and natural gas required to power and heat the home. In the Trusty Guide to solar panels, we'll help you determine if are right for you home. We'll cover:

  • How solar panels work
  • How much solar panels cost, and
  • How much solar panels can save you bills

Let's start off with an overview of what makes a solar panel work.

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