Solar Panels


Solar Panels Quiz

Check to see if you selected the correct answer.

Solar PV panels produce:

Electricity Correct Answer
Photo Voltage

Solar thermal panels can heat:

Swimming pools
Hot water for indoor plumbing
Hot tubs
All of the above Correct Answer

The size of a home PV or solar water heating system depends on:

Hours of peak sun
Energy requirements of the home
Available roof space and shading considerations
All of the above Correct Answer

Stand-alone solar energy systems provide:

Electricity in remote locations not connected to utility power
lines Correct Answer
Electricity for specific appliances
Electricity in addition to power provided by a utility grid
Electricity without the need of the sun

A grid-tied system provides:

Electricity from solar augmented by power from a local utility
provider Correct Answer
Electricity totally provided by solar cells tied together in grid-like arrays
Electricity generated by satellite systems in space
Exclusively energy from your power company

Solar energy is a desirable alternative to fossil fuels and other depletable resources because:

Systems are pollution- and noise-free
Systems often require no moveable parts
The sun is an inexhaustible resource
All of the above Correct Answer

Space missions and equipment using solar energy have included:

Mars Observer
The Hubble Space Telescope
All of the above Correct Answer


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