Selling Your Home


For Sale By Owner

Selling a house on your own is a significant undertaking. If you are interested in trying it, ask yourself these questions to see if you are ready:

Answer These Questions to See if You're Ready for FSBO
1. Do you have the time?
2. Will you be available to show your home to potential buyers?
3. Is there anything special about your house that makes it hard to sell (or easy to sell).
4. Do you have the time to learn about the necessary paperwork at each stage of the process?
5. Is it ok if you home takes awhile to sell?

Information on For Sale by Owner

Avoid For Sale by Owner If...
  • You don’t have time
  • You’re not comfortable with strangers in social situations
  • You have mixed emotions about selling
  • You’re nervous about people being in your space
  • You don’t want to take on full responsibility for marketing your home
  • You don’t want to or cannot lay out anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars in upfront marketing costs
  • You tend to be suspicious of people you don’t know
  • You don’t feel safe opening the door to strangers
  • You aren’t comfortable with negotiating
  • You aren’t comfortable with paperwork, legal details, and complicated processes

Perform an Internet search on “For Sale by Owner” and you’ll find a number of companies with various services available. Try your local bookstore in the Real Estate section – there are plenty of resources there, too, spelling out in great detail how to proceed. But it’s still up to you to find the time, commitment, and ability – yourself – to do much of the job an agent would do.

Give It a Shot at First

It is not unusual for homeowners to attempt selling without an agent for a few weeks or a month, just to “put it out there” and see if anyone bites. If you suspect that your home will be snatched up quickly – or you’re in an area where homes are selling like hotcakes for expansion, changing use, or because the location is so desirable, then a “For Sale by Owner” option is a way to see if right.  

For ALL the details on marketing your home --whether with FSBO or with a realtor--you can skip ahead to the Marketing Your Home section of the guide.

Otherwise, let's move on to the process of hiring a realtor.

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