Selling Your Home


Moving On and Moving Out

The House is Sold!

When that glorious moment finally arrives and you've sold the house, what do you do next? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Planning and coordinating your move
  • Getting things out of storage
  • Leaving the property clean and empty
  • Leaving personal property that was part of the deal
  • Handing over keys
  • Organizing paperwork for tax deductions
  • Change address, change phone or transfer phone numbers
  • Change cable, utilities, and other services
  • Change your address on checks, and make plans for change of address on driver’s license and other identification
  • Let people know you’ve moved, and take care of forwarding address paperwork at the post office
  • File warranties on your new house
  • If you aren’t in a new home yet, invest those proceeds wisely!

Almost Time to Move!


Good Luck!

Selling a house is tough. We hope this guide will help in the process. Good luck!

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