Selling Your Home


How to Sell Your Home Fast

If You Need to Sell Fast

If you need to sell your home fast, what do you do?

We’ve all seen the ads, and the websites. “We sell houses fast,” And “if it doesn’t sell in 10 days, we’ll buy your house.” Sound too good to be true? That depends.

Quick Deals Mean Low Prices

Those who promise quick deals and guaranteed sales aren’t doing you a favor. They buy your house cheap, fix it up, turn it around, make a profit. That’s called “flipping” and there’s nothing wrong with it or illegal. You’ll find some who are legitimate real estate investors who buy fixer-uppers and do the fixing, then resell.

Typically, you are more vulnerable to these offers if you are

  • Near foreclosure
  • Have no experience at buying or selling a home
  • Are feeling vulnerable or overwhelmed due to financial hardship
  • For some reason you can’t get a broker to represent you.

And the promises of no commissions, no listing hassles and no fees sound good. They cover all the closing costs. What’s not to like?

These companies and individuals seem to offer an easy way out. But at a cost. And usually that cost is a big chunk of change. Generally, you’re selling your house for much less than if you did so on the open market! So really, you are paying those costs – but they’re coming out of your net proceeds. And then some.

If this is your only option, pick up the phone first. Call the Better Business Bureau. See if there’s a history of complaints. Your house is still your most significant asset. If you’re in trouble financially and going to take a hit, at least take a lesser hit by dealing with people you’ve checked out. 

Want to Sell Your House FAST Without Giving it Away?

Here are some tips for doing the best possible job at speeding up the selling process, and still maximizing your net proceeds.

Tips on How to Sell Your Home Fast
Most important – set the right price first time out
Find a great agent
Further motivate your agent financially with a good commission and a bonus tied to selling in a specific timeframe
Amend your listing to pay a buyer’s agent a bonus if sold in a specific timeframe
Get your house ready – really ready – before you put it on the market, including inspections, repairs, addressing curb appeal issues
Using a lockbox rather than appointment only will encourage more traffic
Make sure your home is properly listed, with lots of good quality photos
Keep maintenance in mind – lawn, clean inside, looking homey but without too much “stuff”
Clean everything
Give your agent a “seller is motivated” story – a real one – that helps buying agents know you are looking to deal seriously and fast.  


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