Scrapbooking Stores

Although there is a great variety of customers at these stores, most people are spurred to start scrapbooking by a new baby or a wedding. After seeing a friend’s scrapbook, they will visit a scrapbooking store to get equipped and start scrapbooking.

A general crafts or paper store may offer some scrapbooking supplies; however, specific scrapbook stores offer everything from albums and embellishments to organizers. Try visiting a few stores in your area and browse the selection. See what catches your eye and if you get any ideas for a particular project. If a friend or relative got you started scrapbooking, ask her where to shop.

Some of the most popular national chains offer shoppers more than just supplies. For example, Archiver’s is a photo memory store that offers a spacious workroom and everything to create, decorate, and organize your scrapbooks. Some Archiver’s stores also offers free classes taught by experienced scrapbookers. In fact, in creating this guide, one expert scrapbooker, Mary Bryan, from the Archiver's in Mason, Ohio, was able to offer some great scrapbooking tips and techniques, for which we are greatly appreciative. Check out the local store in your area and you may also find that the the resident scrapbooking guru is a great resource.

Creative Memories is actually a direct sales company whose products are considered top-of-the-line in scrapbooking. Creative Memories products are sold through their online store or local consultants. Arts and crafts superstores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby also offer many scrapbooking supplies.


Many scrapbooking and crafts stores offer classes. Sometimes students are asked to bring their own supplies, and other times all of the tools and products are supplied for them. Specially-themed classes often take place around the holidays. Other classes may focus on learning a new technique or transferring your skills to another medium such as cards or wall art.

Ask at your local stores for a class schedule and find out their policies about signing up in advance, what to bring, and how much personal attention you can expect from the instructor.

Groups/Informal Meetings

There’s also an option for the scrapbookers that have attended every class or prefer a less-structured environment. Often, stores also offer time for customers to use their classrooms for group scrapping or informal meetings. At these group scrapbooking sessions, you can trade techniques, try new tools, and get to know some of your fellow scrapbookers!

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