Scrapbooking Quiz

Check to see if you selected the correct answer.

For preservation purposes, you want:

Acid-free paper
Lignin-free paper
Acid- and lignin-free paper Correct Answer
Acid-heavy paper

“Vellum” is:

A thick, opaque paper
A translucent paper named for calfskin parchment Correct Answer
A type of embellishment
The name of a Scooby-Doo character

What is a benefit of page protectors?

Keep pages safe from dust and wear
Easily move pages around
Add more pages to an album
All of the above Correct Answer

What do you need to heat emboss?

A light box and embossing stylus
A heat gun, pigment ink, and embossing powder Correct Answer
A blow-dryer
A toaster oven and mitts

What is the purpose of binding with eyelets?

To attach page elements and add to the design Correct Answer
To create a unique shape
To crop a photo effectively
To protect page elements

What can you get at a scrapbooking store?

Tools and products
All of the above Correct Answer

When organizing paper, tools, photos, and embellishments, what system should you use?

Whatever works best for you Correct Answer
The Spectacular Scrapbooking Sensational System

What is “cropping”?

Trimming photos to improve composition and focus Correct Answer
Cutting decorative papers to fit the design
Getting rid of some embellishments to make the page cleaner
Growing flowers to dry for your albums

When layering, what should be the focal point?

Patterned papers
Photos Correct Answer

What is the best way to ink a stamp?

Press the stamp firmly on the pad
Hold the stamp and rub the ink pad across it
Hold the stamp and gently tap the ink on its surface Correct Answer
Dip the stamp into wet paint

How can you bring together many elements on a page?

Layer them very close together
Always use the same colors and shapes
Use either the same colors or similar shapes Correct Answer
Draw arrows to matching elements

Digital scrapbooking:

Works well in conjunction with paper scrapbooking Correct Answer
Has nothing in common with paper scrapbooking
Refers to sending photos via e-mail
Is too difficult to learn if you’re not a professional designer

Why are high-quality photos important for digital scrapbooking?

High-quality images are necessary for display on the web
High-quality images look crisp and clear when printed Correct Answer
High-quality images are smaller in file size
High-quality images show that you have class

What is an embellishment?

Tickets and a map from a trip
Both a and b Correct Answer

What should affect your choice of font?

Clear and legible
Style and tone of the page
Event that is being described
All of the above Correct Answer


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