Scrapbooking Checklist

Use the checklist below for great scrapbooking tips.

Scrapbooking Checklist
Scrapbooking Techniques
() Organize paper, tools, photos, and embellishments before getting started.
() Crop photos to get the maximum effect. They can be cropped simply or into shapes and patterns for a more dramatic effect.
() Layering page elements can create a cohesive design from separate pieces. Just be careful to coordinate and not go overboard.
() Keep one focal point and coordinate elements through similar colors or shapes.
() Journaling adds a unique, personal touch to pages. Even simple, brief descriptions help put the viewer into the moment.
() You can stamp letters, words, patterns, or specific images. Be sure to ink your stamp thoroughly and press evenly.
() To add texture to a page, use sewing to attach items or as a decorative embellishment.
Scrapbooking Layout Ideas
() Some of the most common album/layout themes include; birthdays, holidays, vacation, weddings, heritage, and school.Visit scrapbooking websites to see hundreds of sample layouts.
() Look at an event’s invitation or photo colors for design inspiration.
() Use archetypal images, but also add a unique touch with personal embellishments and journaling.
Scrapbooking Paper
() Get acid-free and lignin-free papers.
() Papers should compliment the photos, not become the center of attention.
() In addition to regular patterns and solids of regular weight and cardstock, specialty papers such as vellum, mulberry papers, and more are available.
Scrapbooking Supplies
() First and foremost, get a good reference book.
() Scrapbooking albums are usually post bound or strap hinge. The most common size is 12x12.
() Stamps and ink are easy, decorative, and can be reused.
() A cutting tool exists for nearly any task. Tools include straight scissors, decorative scissors, punches, paper trimmers, craft knives and cutting mats, and die cut machines.
() Embellishments are anything more than stickers or paper. They can be bought or be objects you find around the house or on vacation.
() To attach elements to the page, you have a variety of adhesives and bindings available. Adhesives should be acid-free and photo safe. If you want the binding to become part of the design, use brads, eyelets, photo corners, or foam mounts.
() Stickers and die cuts are easy to add and bring a page’s theme to life.
Scrapbooking Stores
() You can find scrapbooking materials at scrapbooking stores, arts and crafts stores, and online.
() Many stores offer free and paid classes, as well as group events.
Digital Scrapbooking
() Digital scrapbooking is easy and efficient, once you are familiar with the software involved.
() It is important to organize your images as you go.
() Creating your digital pages follows a similar creative process to paper scrapbooking, but images and colors are more easily altered.
() Many scrapbookers intermingle digital and paper scrapbooking techniques.

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