Resume Problems and Solutions

This is the quick FAQ section. Maybe you think you have a problem with writing your resume that will keep you from having a chance at the job you want. Maybe it’s not that bad, and even if it is a challenge, that just means fixing your resume will take a little extra work. Here are some common concerns and helpful suggestions for addressing them.

Problem Solution
No experience in field you're applying for Use a skills based (functional) resume and highlight skills that you would need at the job you are applying for. Also, do volunteer work relevant to that job, even if part-time (a few hours a week).
Gaps in work experience Highlight your experience and education; explain your gaps in the cover letter.
Had only one job for decades This is not necessarily bad – list different positions you held within the company, and show your progression and increased responsibility.
Many short-term jobs, fragmented work history, job hopper You can drop short-term jobs that don't highlight skills needed for the job you're applying for. You can also combine a few similar jobs by position: eg. 2001-2004: Waiter – Chili's, Pizza Hut, Ground Round.
Low GPA You don’t have to put your GPA on your resume unless they ask for it. An alternative is just putting the GPA of your major if it’s higher than your overall GPA. In general, include your GPA if it’s above 3.0, or employers might think it’s worse than it actually is.
Don’t have time to tailor resume for every job You can create two or three resumes aimed at slightly different jobs, and choose which resume to submit according to the best fit.


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