Writing Services and Tutors

Paying hundreds of dollars on a resume-writing service may be tough to spring for when you’re out of a job, but for some people, it may be worth it. If getting professional assistance with writing your resume helps you land a job that pays several thousands more per year, the service fee will be well worth it. However, if you can’t afford this service, you can find help in other areas, also.

Writing Service Checklist

If you are considering hiring a resume writing service to help with your resume, check for a few key characteristics of the service. First of all, does the service provide expertise in your specific career? You may find this out by looking at samples from the writing service. How do the samples compare to your resume, and can you envision the same format for your resume? Finally, find out how many years of experiences the writing service has; look for at least 10 years.

You can also improve your resume quite a bit on your own after you see their samples and read this guide.

Free Help

In addition, if you’re a student, your school probably provides career services, such as resume writing assistance. Many schools have resume tutors that help students with writing resumes for free. These professionals will show you how to write a resume rather than writing one for you. Knowing how to write a resume for your specific field and ideal job will help you when you have to update your resume in the future, as well. On a side note, career service centers can give you news on job fairs and local jobs, as well.

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