Submitting Resumes Online

Thanks to the Internet, applying for multiple jobs today is much easier than 10 years ago. In fact, there are dozens of Web sites where you can search for jobs and post resumes.

In a few minutes’ time, you can send your resume to hundreds or even thousands of Web sites. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean employers will be knocking at your door anytime soon. You need to make sure your resume stands out; and that’s why you need to make sure you take our advice from the body content and writing style sections earlier. Also, note that when you post your resume online, the site may ask for a different format (e.g. “text-only”), so be prepared to spend some time reformatting.

Sending your resume out into cyberspace
hoping for someone to pick it up is a little bit
like sending it out to sea with the same hope.

Popular Job Sites

  • - This site is specifically aimed at college students and recent graduates looking for entry-level positions. Fill out a registration, post your resume, search for jobs, and choose to receive notices about jobs that fit your profile.
  • - When you apply to jobs, you can choose to be notified of similar jobs based on past applications.
  • - This site claims to submit your resume to 3 million job sites in one click.

If you’re not keen on mass-posting your resume, you can still hunt for jobs on these sites (and many more), and apply for each job individually. Your success rate will be higher because of your extra effort.

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