Content Do's and Don'ts

Your main content should provide specific examples of the responsibilities and tasks you performed at that other job or institution. Here are some tips to remember:  


When writing your resume, write it from
the perspective of the employer and
his/her needs.
  • Read the job description of the job you are applying for to understand what the ideal candidate would possess.
  • Recall all the qualities/experiences you have had that would fit this job description.
  • Think of the best ways to describe these qualities and experiences.
  • Pick specific examples to include.
  • Choose a resume structure and style that best showcases these experiences/talents.
  • Only mention work/education that is notable.
  • Read and re-read every word. Check out the proofreading checklist at the end of this guide for proofreading tips.


  • Don’t think that the more you write the better. You want impressive experiences and relevant information, not padding.
  • Don’t mention daily, tedious work that you did in previous positions. It doesn’t impress.
  • Don’t mention unskilled jobs. It’s great that you mowed lawns one summer, but don’t put it on your resume unless you are applying for a job to mow lawns.
  • Don’t mention job responsibilities you once had that you don’t want to do in the future; if you don’t want to do secretarial work anymore, leave it out.
  • Don’t include your high school or age.
  • Don’t include past salaries or wages.
  • Don’t include references unless specifically required by the potential employer.

To learn what writing style you should use for your resume, see the next section.

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