Quilting Quiz

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What are the essential elements that make a quilt a quilt?

Any cover with a top made out of several pieces
Top, backing, middle - tied or quilt stitched Correct Answer
A cover with embroidery or embellishment
A patchwork design painted on fabric

What is one of the oldest traditional American quilting patterns?

Cabin in the Woods
Quilting bee
Bear’s Tongue
Log cabin Correct Answer

What are the advantages of machine-quilting?

You can sit down and quilt
Faster, easier on the hands Correct Answer
Machine makes it impossible to make mistakes

If you wanted to commemorate an event in your quilt, what could you use?

Embroidery to make a picture
Lace, buttons, beads
Fabric paint to make a picture
All of the above Correct Answer

What do quilters use to keep the 3 layers taut and in place when sewing?

Hoops and frames Correct Answer
Chutes and ladders
Pins and hands
Bobs and batting

What’s the best batting for beginning quilters to use?

None at all
Lightweight Correct Answer
Another piece of fabric

Where can you find expert advice on choosing fabric combinations, and other quilting techniques?

Quilting stores and associations
Specialty quilting books
All of the Above Correct Answer

Which of the following correctly names the parts of the quilt?

Parts of a Quilt

A.  The outer edge is called:

Binding Correct Answer

B. The area outlined in red is called:

Whole cloth
Block Correct Answer

C.  The area of cloth surrounding the pattern is called

Banner Correct Answer

D. The use of fabric strips for visual separation is

Sashing Correct Answer


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