Public Speaking


Tips for Different Types of Speeches

Match Your Style to the Occasion

Different occasions will call for different types of speeches. Keep these tips in mind when you think about the type of speech you are going to deliver:

  • Speaking to Inform:  When speaking to inform, the best course of action is to be as simple as possible.  You should use presentation aids to help clarify processes.  Walking the audience through a series of steps is highly effective in informative speaking. Break everything down, don’t make assumptions, and reiterate key points.
  • Speaking to Persuade:  Using logic and facts to lay out your argument is the most effective way to persuade people. Anticipate questions, keep returning to the key reason for supporting your cause, and be confident. When appropriate, emotional appeals are also effective. 
  • Special Occasion Speaking:  Toasts, award presentations, acceptance speeches, keynote addresses, commencement addresses, and eulogies are all very common special occasion speeches. These are done best when brief, sincere, and witty (when appropriate).
  • Professional Speaking: Be prepared for questions, use presentation aids to simplify complex ideas and structure your thoughts so you can lead toward a logical conclusion.


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