Potty Training


Great Potty Training Links

For More Information, Start with These Sources:

Ignore the methods section, as they are oversimplified and there is no logistical way to potty train a child in three days. It does contain useful information about dolls for potty training though.

Excellent source for reviews of potty training how-to books as well as more books to read to your child during the process. Potties and other potty-related merchandise is here also, as well as user reviews and price information.

Visit if you are looking solid baby product merchandise site. Comparison shop for potties, pampers, pull-ups, and more! 

This contains great links to products and suggestions for alternate methods. It’s also especially good for doll recommendations and pricing.

More great products you will need for success in the process. This also contains solid information about methods from experts in case you or your child need a little more help.

More information about your child’s readiness for potty training can be found here, as well as tips on steps and when to proceed to the next step and how to do that. Also, this provides a comprehensive bank of related child development information.

Takes the format of a parent writing in to a baby and the baby speaks about parenting and children in the voice of experts. Vast information if you take time to browse.

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