Mortgage Checklist

Remember These Things

As you go through the process of finding the mortgage that is right for you, feel free to use this mortgage checklist:

Mortgage Checklist
Get Your Financial House in Order
( ) Assess your budget and your desires—make compromises, if necessary
( ) Figure out your down-payment and how much house you can afford
( ) Do a Credit Score check
Get A Lender
( ) Decide what type lender and loan is best for your needs
( ) Discuss your background/questions/plans with potential lenders
( ) Fill out a loan application (including employment verification, other sources of income, source of cash for down payment, authorize credit check)
( ) Get prequalified/preapproved
Put your plans into action
( ) Once you’ve found your perfect home, make an offer
( ) Negotiate with the seller/lender on points, necessary repairs that may lower the selling price, etc
( ) Finish the paperwork. At closing, pay closing costs and fees. Take the house keys and pat yourself on the back

Want to know more? Check out our mortgages links page for all the mortgage sites on the internet. Good luck!

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