Laser Eye Surgery


Laser Eye Surgery Quiz

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What part of the eye is corrected by laser eye surgery?

Optic Nerve
Cornea Correct Answer
Rods and Cones

How does LTK differ from other forms of laser eye surgery?

It is a "new age" laser eye surgery
It is the oldest form of laser eye surgery
It uses a "cold" laser
It uses heat to reshape the cornea Correct Answer

Around how much can you expect to pay for laser eye surgery?

Between $200 and $500 per eye
Between $500 and $1000 per eye
Between $1200 and $2600 per eye Correct Answer
Around $5000 per eye

What percent of people who undergo laser eye surgery find they no longer need glasses or contacts?

85% Correct Answer

Which of the following is a risk of laser eye surgery?

All of the above Correct Answer

Which surgical procedure delves deeper into the cornea?

Lasik Correct Answer

How long after surgery should you refrain from contact sports?

One week
Three weeks Correct Answer
Six weeks
Six months

What's one of the best ways of finding a good eye surgeon?

Look for the lowest price
Closest to your house
Yellow pages
Get a referral from a doctor you know Correct Answer


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