Identity Theft


Identity Theft Quiz

Check to see if you selected the correct answer.

Identity theft occurs when:

Someone uses your personal information to access your bank account and credit cards, run up charges and/or drain your account.
A criminal pretends to be you and opens new accounts in your name.
A thief gives your name to the police or applies for a driver’s license in your name.
All of the above Correct Answer

You should check your credit reports regularly because:

You can get one free from each of the three major credit card bureaus once a year, so why not?
Credit bureaus have been known to make mistakes, and mistakes can impact your credit record.
If you spot inquiries about loans or credit card accounts you haven’t applied for, it’s a sign you’ve been the victim of identity theft.
All of the above Correct Answer

You should shred or rip up credit card statements and other financial documents before throwing them away because:

It’s better for the environment.
“Dumpster divers” can use the information from such documents to steal your identity. Correct Answer
Post office regulations require it.
Tearing stuff up is good exercise.

When you receive pre-approved credit card offers you should:

Rip or shred them and throw them away Correct Answer
Accept them at once
Keep them around for a few days to think about
Toss them unopened in the garbage

If you’ve been the victim of identity theft, you should contact:

One of the national credit bureaus
Local law enforcement
Creditors and financial institutions
All of the above Correct Answer

When people request for your Social Security number, you should:

Recite your numbers in a loud, carrying voice
Ask if you can substitute a password instead Correct Answer
Make up a fake number
Show them your card, which you carry in your wallet

“Phishing” is:

A new dance craze
A means of detecting identity theft
A synonym for “dumpster diving”
A type of Internet fraud aimed at getting your personal information Correct Answer


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