Identity Theft


Great Identity Theft Links

For More Information, Start with These Sources:

Cool Web Sites:
The FTC Website has victim’s stories as well as resources for how to deal with specific ID theft problems.
The Department of Justice site offers links to organizations that help victims.
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, offers resources, victims’ stories, guide to scams, fact sheets and more.
The Identity Theft Resource Center is the Website of a nonprofit group offering comprehensive information on issues of identity theft, victim resources, consumer tips and links to further help. 

Cool books: 
The Identity Theft Protection Guide, by Amanda Welsh, PhD. This book differentiates between identity damage and identity theft, discusses privacy issues and offers prevention tips and information on how to recover from identity theft. 

Identity Theft, by John R. Vacca. A comprehensive guide to preventing, detecting and recovering from identity theft. 

Protection from Identity Theft for Dummies, by Michael J. Arata. The book offers straightforward, easy-to-follow advice on the gamut of issues surrounding identity theft. 

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