Healthy Eating


Healthy Eating Overview

Fruit Basket ImageNew years resolutions be damned. Dieting just doesn't work. If you want to start eating healthy--whether it be to lose weight, increase your energy , or simply just to live a longer, healthier life--it's not time to go on a diet; it's time to change your diet--for good. And to change your diet, you must start with a solid understanding of what it means to eat healthy.

In the Trusty Guide to Healthy Eating, you will find a practical, no-nonsense guide that will give you the knowledge you need to develop good healthy eating practices. The guide is organized into the following sections:

You can read the guide straight through or skip around to the topics that interest you the most. At the end of the guide, be sure to check out our healthy eating quiz to test your newfound knowledge and browse our recommended healthy eating links for more information on healthy eating.

Also, we are always looking to improve our guides. If you have any suggestions on how we can make this guide better, be sure to click on the "send feedback" link at the bottom of the page and email us your thoughts.

So without further adu, read on to the next page to learn about the fundamentals of healthy eating.

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