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Which of these is not a macronutrient?

Fiber Correct Answer

What is the worst form of fat?

Saturated fat
Unsaturated fat
Poly unsaturated fat
Trans fat Correct Answer

What's a great way to help ensure you shop for healthy foods at the grocery store?

Go infrequently
Stay on the 'Race Track', the outside rim where deli, dairy, fresh fruits and veggies are sold Correct Answer
Never plan your shopping list
Go when you're hungry

Which food source does not contain “good carbs.”?

White pasta Correct Answer
Whole wheat bread
Brown rice
Fresh vegetables

How much alcohol is considered moderate?

Two servings a day for men; one for women Correct Answer
One serving a day for men; Half a serving for women
Three servings a day for men; two for women
Half a serving for men; none for women

How much caffeine is considered moderate?

300 mg or about two cups of coffee a day Correct Answer
175 mg or just over one cup of coffee a day
150 mg or about one cup a day
75 mg or about half a cup a day

What's a good way to eat better at restaurants?

Order appetizers with your meal
Wait until after you've ordered to have a drink Correct Answer
Order food with words like 'creamy' and 'crispy' in their name
Have french fries as a side

Which of these is not a good source of unsaturated fat (the good kind)?

Oreos Correct Answer

What's the difference between a product labeled 'organic' and one labeled 'natural'?

Natural food tastes better
Organic food has not been washed with pesticides
Organic food is only grown in the United States
Products labeled as 'Certified Organic' are subject to strict regulations. Organic products must be produced with no synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. 'Natural' is not a regulated description, so the term has no one specific meaning when you see it on a label. Correct Answer

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