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Great Healthy Eating Links

For More Information, Start with These Sources:

Harvard School of Public Health Nutrition Source
One of the best all around nutrition sources on the web. Based on the latest and greatest in research, unfettered by pressures from big business. Don't let the prestigious name scare you either: The site is well laid out, easy to navigate and articles are easy to read and understand.

The Merck Manual
The manual doctors themselves turn to. The entire first section is on nutrition and nutritional disorders. The language can get a bit too technical, but for the low-down nitty-gritty on the science of nutrition, it can't be beat.
A good  all-around nutrition source paid for by your tax dollars. Sections on Weight Management and Meal Planning would be very helpful for people looking to lose weight or feed a family cheaply and nutritiously.

Medline Plus
A service of the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. It's a general all-around medical guide covering just about everything, but the sections relating to health and nutrition are excellent. Its arrangement as an encyclopedia helps you to look up specific things fast. How important is lycopene in the diet? Is lavender tea really good for treating anxiety? You'll find the answer here. Just look under L.

Mayo Clinic Food and Nutrition Center
The nutrition site of one of the most trusted names in the medical and scientific communities. Reliable, fact-based answers to all your nutrition questions.

Eating Well for Optimum Health: The Essential Guide to Food, Diet and Nutrition by Andrew Weil, MD. This is a great, practical guide to good eating.

The Nutrition and Health Encyclopedia, David F. Tver and Percy Russell, M.D. Straightforward health encyclopedia which seeks to explicate all aspects of human nutrition right down to the level of the molecule.

Good Fats, Bad Fats: An Indispensible Guide to All the Fats You're Likely to Encounter by Rosemary Stanton. Shows the reader how to adjust their diet to achieve the best, most healthful balance of good fats in their diet.

The Physicians Desk Reference Guide to Nutrition and Health David W. Sifton, Editor. You'd have a hard time finding a more comprehensive, useful, plain-spoken guide to all things nutrition.

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