Headaches Quiz

Check to see if you selected the correct answer.

What is the most common form of headache?

Tension headache Correct Answer
Cluster headache

Which is a type of vascular headache?

Cluster headache
Sinus headache
Muscle headache
Migraine Correct Answer

What part of the brain is sensitive to pain?

The muscles
Trick question. The brain is not sensitive to pain. Correct Answer
The nerves
The blood vessels

What is an "aura"?

Symptoms that usually precide a migraine Correct Answer
Dizzy feeling after a headache
Muscle pain in the neck
The expanding of blood vessels

What will help you prevent headaches?

Lowered stress
Regular sleep schedule
Eating healthy
All of the above Correct Answer

What can cause headaches by dilating your blood vessels

All of the above Correct Answer


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