Great Headaches Links

For More Information, Start with These Sources:

Natural Healing for Headaches: High-Powered Cures for Ending Pain by Dr. Eva Urbaniak has a lot of interesting suggestions regarding natural and alternative therapies for headaches, such as what foods might contribute to headaches.

  • The American Council for Headache Education (http://www.achenet.org/) has informative pages and even forums for people to discuss their experiences with headaches and different forms of treatment
  • Understanding Headaches and Migraines by Dr. Mark Forshaw is a good general introduction to headaches,  migraines in particular.
  • The National Headache Foundation (http://www.headaches.org/) is a thorough introduction to the various kinds of headaches and their treatment.
  • Headaches: All About Them by Dr. Alvin and Virginia B. Silverstein is a good introductory guide to the research on headaches and how they're classified.
  • Help for Headaches (http://www.headache-help.org/) is a general all-around guide to headaches as well.
  • WebMD and MedlinePlus (http://medlineplus.gov/) are good general medical web resources with informative listings on the basic facts about headaches.
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