Genealogy Software

Genealogy Software is an excellent tool to help organize and publish your genealogy information. When thinking about genealogy software, consider the following questions:

Do I Need the Software?

This depends on how you want to save your data.  Basic programs will have pedigree charts and standard genealogy forms to use.  If you are good at scrap booking and keeping files organized, you probably do not need any software.

What if I Just Want Genealogy Forms to Fill in?

The best site that we have found is You can also use this printable blank family tree if that is what you are looking for.

What are Some of the Software Options?

We suggest going to and downloading a free trial of some of the software options. Judge if you find it useful or not. You can also find out the cost. Some have a lot of records built into the program; create really nice family tree lay-outs; and can easily transfer the data to a website.

What Should I Consider When Picking Genealogy Software?

  • Cost. Each is different, but the cost ranges from $20-$100. See Amazon for some of the cheapest prices.
  • Website. If you are considering making a website of your genealogy, make sure your software has that capability. Some are great at it.
  • Records. What records does this software already have built in?
  • User friendliness. This is a big one. Read some reviews beforehand and make sure that the software is userfriendly.

The most important thing to remember is to test them out and read the reviews before you buy.

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