DNA Genealogy

Genealogy and Your DNA

DNA Genealogy is the process of taking your personal DNA sample and finding matches with DNA samples of indigenous groups across the globe. 

This is becoming increasingly popular among African-Americans due to the difficulty in tracing their lineage as a result of slavery. Europeans took nearly 20 million Africans in chains to the New World and kept no records on who they took or where they came from.

Just recently, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Tucker, and many African-American celebrities had the test done as part of a PBS special hosted by Harvard African American Department Chair Henry Louis Gates Jr. 

How is the DNA Genealogy Test Done?

An oral swab is taken to match your DNA with other DNA lineage databases across the world.  There are special tests done to examine chromosomes both paternally and maternally. 

How Long Does It Take?

In a relatively short amount of time, you can possibly have your DNA genealogy results traced back for centuries. 

Many are surprised: Many individuals find out that their lineage of the past is not at all close to the culture that they identify themselves with the present. In fact, most African Americans have on average 30% white blood, particularly on their paternal side.

What is the Cost of DNA Genealogy?

The cost will start off at $130 and go up to $700 depending upon the services you wish to purchase.  The farther back you go and and the more specific geographic areas you test, the higher the cost.

Who do I Contact for DNA Genealogy? 

Example Company Services Offered Price starts at
African Ancestry Specializes in lineages to Africa. Tests for paternal and maternal lines. $349
DNA Heritage Focuses on tests for the paternal line. $138
DNAPrint Genomics Tests for ancestry percentages. $219
Family Tree DNA Does both paternal and maternal lines, including Native American lineages. $129
Oxford Ancestors Both paternal and maternal lines. $320
Relative Genetics Paternal and maternal lines, including testing for Native American lines $95
National Geographic Tests for both paternal and maternal lines $99.95


Looking through these sites can help you determine if DNA genealogy is right for you. Now let's move on to genealogy software.

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