Military Records

The Military Keeps Great Records

Military records are another tool you can use to piece together your genealogy puzzle.  The military is a great source of data because of its impeccable record keeping for the servicemen and women that have served. 

What Can I Expect to Find in Military Records?

Aside from learning when and where your relatives served, you can also learn their place in the history of the world.  It is entirely possible that your relatives met and married others while serving with the military.  You may also discover awards and honors bestowed upon your loved ones for their service.  You may even perhaps piece together what happened to a missing in action soldier.

What Else is in Military Records? 

In addition to looking for military conflicts, narrow even more detail by looking into the individual battles and conflicts.  There are many historical monuments and markers are such locations that you might be able to compare with your family names.

But Where Can I Find Military Records?

Military records can be found all the way back to the American Revolution in America.  The National Archives contains links with where to find military records for military conflicts at
For international records, you will want to check with the country’s government for their policies on sharing such information.

After you have exhausted all paper routes, there is a relatively new phenomenon related togenealogy that is becoming increasingly popular, genetic genealogy.

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