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Feng Shui Products

Feng Shui products have different meanings. When choosing Feng Shui products, think about where you will put them and how you want them to help you, with a dose of your own personal taste:

  • Bagua mirror or crystals – This 8-sided mirror represents the full bagua chart (marriage, fame, wealth, family, career, new knowledge, helpful people and children). Mirrors and crystals are one of the most utilized cures for Feng Shui ailments due to their versatility. 
  • Bamboo flute - Bamboo represents strength, endurance and power, and its sound goes on for infinity. Two flutes crossed behind you can ward off poison arrows.
  • Wind chimes – A yin product, chimes produce a relaxing, tranquil environment and are ideal for gardens.
  • Candles – Candles with soft light are especially Feng Shui because you can position them to create a harmonious balance of yang/light and yin/shadow.

    The white Feng Shui cat is a metal color
    and therefore is lucky in the west (youth)
    or northwest (elders) sectors
  • Lucky cats – Cats come in many colors; choose a lucky cat based on your kua number and where you will put it in your house.
  • Tortoise – Best placed in the north, the wise, slow tortoise restrains excitable temperaments, tames the primitive side of human nature, and prevents dryness of body and spirit.
  • Phoenix – This mythological creature is best placed in the south, and it gives light, warmth, and nourishment to the world.
  • Tiger – Best placed in the west, the tiger brings good luck to the house and makes family members healthy and productive.
  • Dragon – Best placed in the east (especially near trees), the dragon represents growth.
  • Temple lions – Always seen in pairs, lions are often placed in front of important buildings and houses because they protect the inhabitants.


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