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Feng Shui Your Office

Because your office (either your home study or corporate office) is the place where you work to generate an income, Feng Shui for the office revolves around enhancing wealth and fame. Again you will use the bagua chart to arrange your office furniture and choose your decorations to make your business successful. Here are some suggestions to create an environment conducive to wealth and your business.

A fish tank placed in the North section
of a room will enhance wealth

The ideal location for a home office is in the east sector of the house (the wealth sector). The ideal position for your office desk positions you to face south (in the direction of fame). However, even more importantly is that you do not face away from the door because that is equivalent to turning your back on business; you must eagerly welcome your business.

Poison arrows in the office can be detrimental to a successful business, and their existence may be even more prevalent in an office than in the bedroom. Filing cabinets, pillars, table edges, cactus plants and a colleague’s desk edge can all be dangerous when aimed at your chair. To address these issues, try to move them or soften the corners. If this proves impossible, then you could try hanging Chinese flutes behind your desk, which is said to neutralize the poison arrows.

Your office should have a balance of yin and yang features. To create this balance, use a variety of light and dark colors, soft and hard surfaces, and smooth in rough textures when choosing furniture, flooring and window treatments. Optimal wall colors include pale, cream hues, while rugs should be dark blue or black. Feng Shui teachers also suggest hanging a picture of a mountain behind you to give you strength. Also, keep cords and cables well-hidden to allow free flow of chi, and make sure the air smells good (e.g. oils or coffee smells), and not musty or old.
Depending on the size of your furniture and what type of business you’re running, your placement of objects will differ. For example, if you have a creative business, you should put your computer in the west area of the office; if you are an accountant, you will want the computer in the southeast. Because safes are usually made of metal, put them in the northwest or west sectors. Put wood furniture in the east or southeast, fish tanks in the north, and plants in the southwest or northeast (according to the bagua chart).


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