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Feng Shui Your Bedroom

A Feng Shui bedroom - like any Feng Shui space - should always allow for the maximum flow of chi. By using the bagua chart, along with a balance of yin and yang to enhance the harmonious energies, you can transform your bedroom into a Feng Shui bedroom. This section will give you some examples and tips for your Feng Shui bedroom.

Bedroom for Your Children

Here are the luckiest bedrooms for your children:

  • North - Middle son
  • Northeast - Youngest son
  • East - Eldest son
  • Southeast - Eldest daughter
  • South - Middle daughter
  • West - Youngest daughter

The first step in Feng Shui-ing your bedroom is to follow the advice your mother always gave you: go clean your room. In this case, however, the purpose of cleaning is more than just sweeping up the dust and throwing away garbage. You're cleaning so that your chi doesn't get stuck under your dirty clothes or inside open dresser drawers. Make sure your door swings smoothly all the way to 90 degrees to allow maximum chi to flow inside. When standing at the entrance, make sure that you can see an open, flowing space to your bed - the most important object in the room because it's likely where you'll be for the most time. Feng Shui teachers recommend that, if possible, you avoid putting your bed against a wall, but instead position it so that there is equal space on either side.

Feng Shui also alerts you to negative influences on your health. Perhaps most importantly is the existence of secret poison arrows, which are pointed corners (eg. edge of dresser, guitar neck) aimed at the bed, chair or anywhere else you sit for any amount of time. The two most common ways of avoiding poison arrows are moving your bed/chair out of the line of fire, or softening or camouflaging the sharp corners (eg. drape a cloth over the dresser). To address poison arrows more seriously, you can read about many more specific objects (depending on bagua sector) to place in the line of the poison arrows to deflect the poison.

Feng Shui teachers also recommend to not exercise in your bedroom because this room is supposed to be your resting place, and hard work doesn't mix with a tranquil environment. Also, keep electronics out of the bedroom if possible, or at least cover them when not in use; bedrooms can be a yang/hard room at day, but should always be yin/soft at night.

Finally, here are some tips if you're looking for romance. You can enhance the romantic chi of your bedroom by putting romantic pictures (eg. flowers, angels) in two places: on the wall that you first look at when entering the room, and on the wall that you look at while lying in bed. When decorating, use products in pairs (eg. birds, cherubs, candles or decorative pillows). Also, use round mirrors to signify unity. The following layout is an example of how to Feng Shui your bedroom using the bagua chart:

Example of How To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Northwest (elders)
Pictures of your elders and helpers

North (change)
Mirrors, water-related items, images to support your career goals

Northeast (direction)
Bookcase books,
tools for self-development

West (youth)
Art supplies, artwork, computer

Open area for free flow of chi

East (future)
Money, jewelry, fish, fountains, and
anything red, purple, or gold

Southwest (tranquility)
Family photos, heirlooms, plants

South (fame)
Candles, awards, plants, and anything red, orange, or purple

Southeast (romance)
Round or oval mirrors, anything pink, pictures of loved ones, paired objects


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