Diabetes Mellitus


Diabetes Quiz

Check to see if you selected the correct answer.

Persons with diabetes are unable to properly regulate which chemical in the blood?

Glucose Correct Answer

Which of the following characteristics is a major risk factor for diabetes?

Eating seafood
Obesity Correct Answer
Tall stature
Red hair

Which statement best explains the basic mechanism of type 2 diabetes?

Eating too much sugar causes blood glucose levels to increase
No insulin is produced by the pancreas
The body cannot break down glycogen and other storage compounds
The cells of the body become resistant to the effects of insulin Correct Answer

The strategy proven to be most effective for healthy weight loss includes which of the following?

The Atkins Diet
The South Beach Diet
A balanced, healthy diet with a regular exercise regimen Correct Answer
Fasting for several days at a time

Your 65 year old father has recently been diagnosed with diabetes.  You remember from reading TrustyGuides.com that having a close relative with diabetes is a risk factor for the disease.  What is the best way to minimize your chance of developing diabetes?

Avoid all contact with your father
Cross your fingers and hope you didn’t get your dad’s “bad” genes
Begin taking insulin injections
Carefully assess your diabetes risk profile and talk to your doctor about early diabetes testing Correct Answer

How is the diagnosis of diabetes made?

Measuring the level of glucose in the blood Correct Answer
Measuring the level of insulin in the blood
Measuring the level of hemoglobin-A1C (Hb-A1C) in the blood
Genetic testing

Hemoglobin-A1C (Hb-A1C) is measured for what purpose?

To diagnose diabetes
To check the current level of glucose in the blood
To assess the average level of glucose control over the
previous weeks Correct Answer
Because doctors like to stick needles in their patients

Which pair of symptoms describes the classic initial findings in diabetes?

Burning urination and blood in the urine
Chest pain and difficulty breathing
Headache and loss of vision
Frequent urination and excessive thirst Correct Answer

Which of the following is NOT an effective treatment for diabetes?

Weight loss
Regular exercise
A 500 calorie per day diet Correct Answer
Glucose-lowering medications

Which of the following may be a sign of a serious complication of diabetes?

Chest pain and difficulty breathing
Change in vision or loss of vision
Finding unhealed sores on the feet
All of the above Correct Answer


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