Great Credit Links

For More Information, Start with These Sources:

Cool Web Sites:
Offers a wide array of articles, columns, research, book reviews, quizzes and tests about the world of credit.
Click on this site for advice about choosing credit cards, scam alerts, and tips to avoid credit card fraud.
Covers a variety of topics on credit, debt management, credit repair, mortgages and more.

Book List

The Ultimate Credit Handbook, by Gerri Detweiler. Ms. Detweiler tackles topics including Double Your Credit, Cut Your Debt, and A Lifetime of Great Credit. Look for her Website at DebtConsolidationRX.

What Every Credit User Needs to Know: How to Protect Yourself and Your Money, by Howard Strong. This paperback, published in 1999, informs cardholders about their consumer rights, offers money-saving tips and shares real-world anecdotes. This book is available at

The Credit Repair Kit, by John Ventura. This paperback explains how to avoid identity theft, repair errors in credit reports, interpret a credit score and rebuild credit after financial difficulties. Look for it on

Get Out of Debt by Steve Rhode and Mike Kidwell. A guide to getting your finances back on track. Look for it on


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