Bikram Yoga


Practicing Bikram Yoga on Your Own

So what do you do if you can't make it to the studio one day? And what if you live on a farm in Worland, Wyoming, where Bikram Studios are a little thin on the ground? Is it possible to practice Bikram Yoga on your own?

To qualify as Bikram Yoga, the area where you practice must be heated to at least 105 degrees. Some find they can get a large bathroom this hot, either with a space heater or by running the shower with hot water and leaving the water in the tub.

The book Bikram's  Beginning Yoga Class or the CD or video--all available on Amazon--would all be good places to start doing this yoga if you don’t have a teacher.

When practicing on your own, Bikram recommends teaching yourself one new posture at a time, starting with the first posture, and adding the next one, and so on in order to build strength and  remember the postures in order.
Remember that Bikram is just one form of Hatha Yoga. If you can't find an authorized Bikram school, you might consider another form of yoga.

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