Bikram Yoga


Bikram Yoga Quiz

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When was Bikram Yoga founded?

8th century
1970's Correct Answer

How hot is a Bikram Yoga studio ?

At least 90 degrees
At least 95 degree
At least 100 degrees
At least 105 degrees Correct Answer

How humid is a Bikram Yoga studio?

20 percent humidity
40 percent humidity Correct Answer
60 percent humidity
80 percent humidity

What are the two styles of breathing used in Bikram Yoga?

80-20 and Exhalation Correct Answer
Deep and short
Long and medium
Meditative and Active

Which of the following is a potential benefits of Bikram Yoga ?

Better posture
Improved circulation
Increase flexibility
All of the above Correct Answer

What does the word Yoga mean?

Union Correct Answer

Why is it difficult to practice Bikram Yoga on your own?

The postures are very advanced yoga positionsl
You must have a room at 105 degrees Correct Answer
Videos are not available because of copyright issues
Bikram Yoga requires a large open space

What another name for Bikram Yoga?

Vitality Yga
Modern Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Hot Yoga Correct Answer


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