Back Pain


Back Pain Quiz

Check to see if you selected the correct answer.

What are the cartilage cushion “shock absorbers” between your vertebrae called?

Discs Correct Answer

What is one of the most common causes of back pain?

Inactive lifestyle Correct Answer

What is one risk factor for back pain?

All of the above Correct Answer

Why does cigarette smoking affect the back?

It limits the oxygen that reaches the spine and back muscles Correct Answer
There is a chemical reaction with the smoke
Smoking doesn't affect the back
It leads to osteoporosis

In chiropractic care, what is an “adjustment”?

Process during which pressure is applied to the joints in order to restore movement and reduce back pain Correct Answer
A treatment using acupuncture
A relatively ineffective process
A soft massage

How does your diet affect back pain?

A poor diet can lead to obesity, which, in turn, places an enormous strain on the lower back. Correct Answer
You need sodium for your back to recover from injuries
Certain foods can irritate the back muscles
All of the above


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