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Which of the following are features of the disease ADHD?

Inattention to present tasks
Hyperactive behavior
Impulsive behavior
All of the above Correct Answer

Which of the following statements is true regarding the reason for treating ADHD in childhood?

Kids with ADHD have a greater chance of developing cancer
Kids with ADHD do not need to be treated, since symptoms will disappear spontaneously
Kids with untreated ADHD are less likely to finish school, resulting in under-education and other difficulties later in life Correct Answer
ADHD pills taste yummy!

ADHD is thought to result from a neurotransmitter imbalance primarily in which part of the brain?

Pre-frontal cortex Correct Answer
Occipital lobe

Which of the following is used to diagnose ADHD?

MRI imaging of the brain
Assessment by a medical professional to determine presence and severity of ADHD symptoms Correct Answer
Blood test
X-ray of the left foot

Which of the following is LEAST helpful in treating a child with ADHD?

Behavioral therapy
Medical treatment
Special help in school
Strict discipline when the child fails to complete a task Correct Answer

Which of the following classes of drugs is most commonly prescribed in the treatment of ADHD?

Stimulants Correct Answer
Pain relievers


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