Acupuncture for Infertility


How Acupuncture can Heal Infertility

Improving Flow to Organs Involved in Pregnancy

When treating patients for infertility, acupuncture practitioners focus on specific points of the body that connect to the organs involved in becoming pregnant. Along with physically inserting needles, specialists often include additional treatments, such as herbal therapy and electric pulses to increase the effectiveness of acupuncture. Sometimes, at one-inch depth, needles are attached to an electrical stimulator (2Hz – 100Hz). This type of “electro-acupuncture” may help improve blood flow in the ovaries and the uterine arteries to build a stronger uterine lining in infertile women.

Acupuncture Changes Endorphin, Pituitary, and Ovarian Hormone Levels

When inducing fertility, acupuncture treatment releases endorphins in the brain, which are mostly known for pain control, but also affect the levels of pituitary and ovarian hormones. In turn, these hormones impact the menstrual cycle to help regulate ovulation.

“Calming the Spirit”

In addition to the chemical effects of acupuncture, the process can also relax the abdominal muscles, which is sometimes a major cause of the inability to fertilize an egg. More subjectively, acupuncture patients often feel more relaxed and calmer after receiving the treatment, which by itself can increase the flow of energy through the body. Chinese practitioners refer to these psychosomatic benefits as “calming the spirit.”

Some acupuncture treatments combine
Chinese herbs, but be sure to talk to your
obstetrician before taking supplements.

Acupuncture is Often Coupled With Herbal Supplements

Many times acupuncture specialists combine an herbal treatment with the therapy; however, an important point to remember is that you should always tell your doctor about natural supplements you’re taking because some herbs have been known to cause miscarriage or induce premature labor. Other treatment options include the use of hand pressure, ultrasound, magnets, lasers and coordination with In Vitro fertilization.

Average Programs Involve 12 Treatments

Therapy programs vary depending on the individual patient as well as the practitioner’s opinion. Common programs involve the patient undergoing an average of 12 treatments, usually about once or twice a week. In the next section, you will learn more about the differences between acupuncture and Western treatments, and why acupuncture’s popularity has recently increased in the West.

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